Excel Tables for Sports Predictions? It's Over, Thanks to Get Football Fantasy!


August 7, 2022

This software is found in the computers of employees of the largest companies, pinned to the taskbar of young thirty-somethings working in the most promising start-ups, or on the reception desk of the management secretaries of small and medium-sized enterprises. Its countless boxes offer an infinity of possibilities for calculations.

We are, of course, talking about Excel. You thought that the software of the American giant Microsoft was only used to do accounting? Think again because competition of predictions in business has found there its source.

A prediction contest on Excel

How to create a prediction contest from an Excel table in order to propose a business activity that changed from the others? This is what many employees do, hidden behind the writing of an email. It’s also from this idea, whose origin dates back to the 2006 World Cup, that Get Football Fantasy was born.

The founders of Get Football Fantasy had found there a business activity to develop. What for? Because the business prediction competition proved that the sport was a game of unity and federation within a company.

To federate its teams, it was necessary to propose an innovative team building concept, an original team building that came out of the beaten fields by going to the largest fields of the major sporting events because an employee can follow, either out of curiosity or as a fan, sports events as did the founders of Get Football Fantasy.

What if, rather than seeing this craze as a productivity loss, we saw it as an opportunity to offer an original team building? Thus, as major competitions unfolded, the general interest in this team-building concept grew. Until a few shared Excel sheets were no longer enough for those, who participated.

There, the business prediction competition was no longer just a simple activity in a company between employees. Instead, it became a real asset for a company, which realized the enormous potential of this original team building. All that remained was to propose an alternative solution to Excel to develop this concept of team building.

To a turnkey prediction contest

Get Football Fantasy is more than the best prediction site with friends. It’s the best prediction site for employees. It’s the best technological solution to centralize all the employees of a company around a prediction contest with a single, personalized platform.

It’s unique because it’s multilingual and available on different media (desktop and mobile). It also updates the predictions of each other in real-time as a real sports information site. And finally, the platform allows participants to exchange, discuss or room on the platform via an integrated discussion platform.

It’s personalized because it doesn’t matter if the company is small or large. Get Football Fantasy is a white-label platform that can be adapted to your company’s brand identity. It allows each employee to have their own account and follow the predictions of all the other employees.

In addition, Get Football Fantasy delivers a communication kit free of charge before the start of each competition. The kit helps increase the enthusiasm around the event. It’s an internal communication tool to involve as many of your employees as possible in this original team building that you offer them with Get Football Fantasy.

So, are you ready to let go of your Excel spreadsheet to make your Predictions for World Cup 2022 Qatar with Get Football Fantasy?

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