FAQ: Why Choose Get Football Fantasy And Its Team Building For All Companies


July 25, 2022

Are you looking for an original team-building idea for your employees? Do you have questions about team building availed by Get Football Fantasy? Are you looking for new reasons to offer a business prediction competition? All the answers to your questions can be found in this Frequently Asked Questions! What is team building by Get Football Fantasy?

On closer inspection, one wonders if Didier Deschamps would not have relied on Get Football Fantasy to develop his team cohesion strategy. Team building by Get Football Fantasy takes advantage of a major sporting event to federate your teams internally. The platform allows employees to carry out a competition of predictions in a company on upcoming matches. At the end of the competition, the winners are given a prize chosen by the company.

Which competitions are concerned by this team building?

We don’t yet have the World Curling Championships or the first Indian cricket league. But we’ve many other sports represented. Lately, major competitions such as the Soccer World Cup in Russia in 2018 have been at the heart of events in companies thanks to Get Football Fantasy. But there are also many events to come, especially the World Cup 2022 Qatar.

How long does a prediction contest last?

In the absence of traditional team-building ideas, which often last a few hours or even a day, the business prediction contest proposed by Get Football Fantasy is an event that lasts throughout the competition in the company. Put simply, it lasts between several weeks or even more than a month, depending on the competition.

Who is concerned about this team building?

Everybody. At Get Football Fantasy, no one is sidelined. Because the advantage of doing a prediction contest in a company is that there is no need to be an expert in the sport concerned. The important thing is to participate, and all employees can participate, regardless of their hierarchical status. Like sport, this idea of team-building aims to unite everyone around the event in a company.

I am a small company. Is team-building provided by Get Football Fantasy suitable for my structure?

Yes. You can be a small company and enter the big leagues. Get Football Fantasy is a team-building idea designed to satisfy the needs of all companies, whether they are very large or very small. It aims to bring together all your employees, whether they are a dozen or thousands, allowing you to follow everyone’s results and bringing all your employees around your prediction contest.

How does a business prediction competition come about?

Get Football Fantasy is a 100% customizable platform at your disposal. Add your logo, your colors, and your own wallpaper so that it’s unique and reflects your company’s personality. This white-label platform, available in several languages, is meant to meet the needs of companies with employees from different nationalities.

It’s available on different media to meet the mobility needs of your employees. To create a sporty and jovial ambiance at your corporate event, a communication kit is also offered.

What should I do if I have a problem with my Get Football Fantasy platform?

Don’t worry! Because to ensure that each event is a success, an account manager is dedicated to each company. His role will be to accompany you throughout the duration of the competition and to obtain the best possible participation rate while remaining available by call or email.

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