Prognosis to Better Room


September 4, 2022

Chambrer is an art. It requires repartee, tact, and a bit of provocation. So it’s not the roomer who wants it. And, if there is one place where chambering is customary, it’s in sport. Whether against his opponent to destabilize him, against the fans to tease them or against his own teammates to de-dramatize, all athletes room. That is the rule. You could even say that sport loses its flavor if you can’t room yourself. Teasing can also be found very well in the office.

Why is it important to stay in the office?

In sports, as in the office, rooming goes far beyond simple personal teasing. Chambrer makes it possible to defuse relations with colleagues and to go beyond the professional gap between its employees. It’s still necessary to have rooming material. The subtlety of the chambering is born in the subjects that are targeted. Of course, it should not be abused. The upheaval stops where the harassment begins. It’s not necessary that the remarks launched under the sign of humor are commonplace and hurtful or even offensive to the one to whom they’re addressed. It’s important or even essential that the chambering goes hand-in-hand with a good atmosphere within the company.

Too personal remarks are therefore excluded. On the other hand, if there is a field where all the employees of a company can give themselves to heart joy room in order to put the right atmosphere, it is a sport. Because sport is a common ground for everyone that doesn’t harm anyone. It must be admitted that sport, in general, is full of twists and turns. Therefore, it’s conducive to chambering.

Room in the office, yes, but when?

You can room or tease your colleague. All these moments have almost become common in business. But the best time to room in the office is during a corporate prediction contest.

What is the Corporate Prediction Contest? The company prediction competition is an original team-building activity during which the company takes part in a major sports competition, like World Cup 2022 Qatar offered at Get Football Fantasy.

It’s during this team-building activity that all employees are invited to predict all the matches of the competition. What is the purpose? The goal is to unite your teams around an internal event within the company that will generate a good atmosphere through chambering. Since all employees can enter predictions for the matches of the competition, this is the time to tease colleagues who have been wrong. But beware of the phenomenon of the sprinkler watered. A colleague who is rooming can be doubly roomed when the predictions go against him.

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