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Pubs / Restaurants - Copa América 2024

Are you the owner or manager of a pub / restaurant, and do you want to organize something nice for your catering staff around the European Championship? Or do you want your (regular) guests to experience the EURO 2020 matches even more intensively in your pub / restaurant? Then organize an EURO 2020 Fantasy Football for your office!

The fantasy football software offers the following possibilities:

  • organise a football fantasy for your pub or restaurant, exclusively or public
  • invite colleagues via mail, whatsapp or facebook
  • easy-to-use software for everybody
  • you can set your own prizes for the winners
  • upload your own company logo and colors

Your employees can compete with each other individually and per team. Have your bar staff compete against kitchen staff, wait staff, managers and other colleagues. Organize great prizes for the winners or the winning team. You have complete control over the content yourself!

Would you like to do something extra around the European Championship for your regular guests? Let them participate in your fantasy football so that your guests will experience EURO 2020 even more intensively. Through your office fantasy, your guests compete with each other, and it becomes even more fun to watch the matches in your pub / restaurant. Pamper your guests by treating the winner of each round to a round of lager or another fun prize.

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