The Ideal Team Building For Large And Small Companies. Does It Exist?


July 11, 2022

From a small company with a dozen employees to a large group of more than 10,000 employees, there are many differences. The internal processes are not the same. The structure of the hierarchy is totally different, and the budgets for internal events are totally uneven.

But, if there is one thing that these two types of companies can take into consideration, it’s the well-being of their employees and internal cohesion. Based on this observation, is it utopian to think that a corporate team-building activity can give them complete satisfaction? The answer is yes!

A corporate team building of 10 to 1,000 employees?

Organizing an escape game with 10 employees is possible. Doing a seminar with 500 employees is just as important.

What about organizing an escape game with 1,000 employees? Impossible. Is doing a seminar with 10 employees really worth it? Not really.

In this case, it’s complicated to offer all of its teams a corporate team-building that brings together all employees, where everyone can participate and invest at the same time, especially in a large company. It’s also complicated for a small company to propose an original team-building idea without having to pay a good part of its internal communication budget.

But, as unreal as it may seem, there is a way to meet all the criteria required to organize a team-building activity ideal for small and large companies. How? By taking advantage of the enthusiasm of a sporting event, you can federate your team thanks to an original team-building idea: the business prediction contest. This team-building activity combines a single platform, personalized follow-up, and group cohesion.

The prediction contest: an original team-building idea

Betting on the winner of a soccer World Cup match between two meetings or teasing the boss in the break room because he completely crashed on the winner of the final tournament during the prediction contest. It’s this type of corporate team-building that will serve as a reference in the years to come. No matter the number of employees who compose it, this corporate team building offers the expected benefits to any business.

Offer your teams an original team-building idea that will delight and even amaze all your employees. Simply choose a white label platform, customizable to the company’s colors, assign an account manager for your team-building activities, and offer a communication kit prepared with the greatest care. With this, you offer them the opportunity to come together around collective values and passion, which can easily be correlated with your corporate culture. You also carry out an internal communication activity that lasts over the entire duration of a sports competition, namely several weeks. To propose a prediction competition as a company team building, whether you are a company of 10 or 1,000 employees, is to satisfy all your needs in terms of internal communication and team cohesion in a single event.

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