The 10 Commandments Of A Good Prognostician In A Company


August 21, 2022

To become a good prognostic in business, you don’t need any maintenance or training. It’s enough just to have a few collaborators, between 5 or 10,000, for example, to have fun and apply the following ten commandments:

  1. In any sport, you will predict: The prognosis in business is to bet on the biggest major sports competitions, such as the Soccer World Cup, the Euro Cup, the Rugby World Cup, etc.
  2. Any collaborator, you will room: In sports, as in the office, it’s important to maintain a healthy atmosphere. So, don’t hesitate to room your office neighbor, the new intern in human resources, or even your direction if their predictions are not good!
  3. Risks, you will take: To prognosticate is to love danger. Because the more risks you take, the more you’re rewarded. To predict England in the semi-finals of the last Soccer World Cup from the beginning of the competition, for example, is to love danger.
  4. On all devices, you will predict: If you work with shared folders every day, then why not do a shared prediction contest? That way, once you’ve left your office, you can predict on your personal phone. You can even discreetly change your predictions from your sofa.
  5. With your collaborators, you will discuss: Facebook chat, WhatsApp group, Slack messaging, and other similar apps allow you to exchange with all your colleagues in a dedicated discussion space. This gives you the opportunity to exchange with employees that you don’t see on a daily basis, because of some work in another department, in another city or even in another country.
  6. Your ranking, you will follow: Even if this team-building activity seems innocuous to some, others want to know who is the best tipster of the company. So, always keep an eye on your ranking and check for updates to see that no one has overtaken you. And don’t worry if you don’t make it to the first game! You have all the competition to redeem yourself.
  7. At all matches, you will predict: Predicting the outcome of a match is good. Predicting the results of all matches is better. So, to earn a maximum of points, it’s better to make predictions on all the confrontations of the competition!
  8. In the craze, you will participate: Prognosticating is not about just making a simple bet on a match between two teams. It’s about taking part in the craze around each match throughout the duration of the competition.
  9. Through sport, you will federate: Taking advantage of a sporting event to offer a unique team-building activity is Office Fantasy’s credo. So, thanks to this business prediction contest, you’ll feel even better in your daily life in the office. What for? Because it has been proven by the more than 500 companies that have tried Office Fantasy that this team-building activity has considerably unified its employees since then. Employees who have themselves applied these ten commandments to become good tipsters in business.
  10. Office Fantasy, you will choose: There are two types of tipsters in business. The right tipster and the bad tipster. The bad tipster uses Excel to make his predictions in business. The good tipster uses Office Fantasy to make his predictions in business. It’s as simple as a transformation 5 meters from the poles.

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